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Cloud Consultancy

We understand the importance of having a Team of Experts to guide you through the complex world of cloud computing and DevOps. That’s why our consulting services are built around delivering teams of cloud experts.

We believe in the power of a TaaS Teams approach. We begin collaboration with our clients with a Kickstart Team. The goal of the Kickstart Team is to support our client in mapping out all relevant aspects for this project and help all involved parties make the right choices. Once the first phase is completed and we have formulated a clear MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and an organized backlog together, we will supplement the existing (Kickstart) team with the appropriate development capacity. This means that no knowledge is lost and that we can provide optimal transfer.

What are our consulting services?

Cloud strategy

Our teams will work with you to understand your business objectives and develop a cloud strategy that aligns with your goals. This includes identifying the right cloud platform, as well as deciding on the most effective migration strategy.

Architecture design

Once the strategy is in place, our teams will design a cloud architecture that meets your specific needs. This includes selecting the appropriate services and technologies, as well as designing a secure and scalable environment.

Cost optimization

Cost optimization is a crucial aspect of cloud computing. Our teams will work with you to optimize your infrastructure for cost-efficiency, providing you with a detailed cost analysis and recommendations for reducing costs.


Security and compliance are critical considerations in the cloud. Our teams will help you understand the compliance requirements and provide you with the necessary guidance to design and implement a secure and compliant cloud environment.

Our Purpose

Reveal Your Genius is Cloud Legends’ higher purpose: it’s how we start the day and how we end it. Cloud Legends is better at dealing with complex (Cloud) infrastructures, DevOps and SRE challenges than anyone. Creating reliable, flexible and secure solutions and personal development, combined with the right work-life balance, are essential. This commitment and drive ensure we deliver an amazing result that all parties can be proud of.


Some of our best work


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What our clients say

The transition from Heroku to AWS implemented by Cloud Legends resulted in a cost reduction of 25% for ViaViela.

Nathalie Hoenke

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