Nathalie Hoenke

The transition from Heroku to AWS implemented by Cloud Legends resulted in a cost reduction of 25% for ViaViela.

George Yianni

Kabisa is a company that brings innovation, but also takes full ownership of what they build.

Meriete Horst

It is really great to work with enthusiastic and passionate developers who are fully committed to delivering a beautiful product. To transform a dream and a vision into a deliverable product together gives great satisfaction.


“This can’t be done by a simple website builder, but it can be by a Kabisa/Cloud Legends engineer.”

Glenn Eggen

At Cloud Legends, I work in challenging surroundings where colleagues help each other take their work to the next level. It’s a rush to work together and create cool, innovative solutions that fit perfectly with our customers’ wishes. In addition to that, there is lots of room for personal development within Kabisa, which means you […]

Jacky Lambert

We see Cloud Legends and Kabisa as a true partner and not as a regular external ICT company.