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For the nationwide operating childcare agency ViaViela, parent company Kabisa has developed various web applications. ViaViela is very forward-thinking and has chosen to automate as many of its business processes as possible. Cloud Legends built the infrastructure and is responsible for monitoring and managing the cloud environment.


Heroku is a high-quality SaaS hosting solution, but it can become quite costly when there is heavy usage of the applications running on it. Additionally, in terms of solutions it is sometimes limited, and it is not always clear what exactly is happening when there are problems.


On the advice of Cloud Legends, ViaViela made the switch from Heroku to AWS. AWS is the world’s largest cloud hosting provider, where you only pay for what you actually use. For the new environment, we used Infrastructure as Code. Additionally, it is scalable, transparent and high-available. This means that if there are problems with the servers on which the platform runs, this is handled by other servers in another location. This can minimize the risk of downtime. This is particularly important for business-critical web applications.


Cloud Legends was able to successfully move from Heroku to AWS without any downtime. This demonstrates the ability to effectively plan and execute a complex migration while minimizing disruption to the website's users. The successful migration also resulted in improved performance, scalability, and cost savings for ViaViela. Overall, it's a great accomplishment for the Cloud Legends who were working on this project.

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What our clients say

The transition from Heroku to AWS implemented by Cloud Legends resulted in a cost reduction of 25% for ViaViela.

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