High Available K8s clusters on Azure


Cloud Legends has, in collaboration with SURF, set up a High Available and multiple scalable Kubernetes clusters in Azure.

SURF is a cooperative association of Dutch educational and research institutions in which the members combine their forces. Within SURF, universities, colleges, vocational schools, UMCs, and research institutions work together to purchase or develop the best possible digital services and to encourage knowledge sharing by continuing to innovate.


The existing infrastructure of Surf was set up manually. An infrastructure that is set up by hand is often based on individual configurations of servers and networks. This can lead to inconsistency and difficulty in tracking changes. Additionally, it can be difficult to automate or integrate such infrastructures with other systems.


The challenge of this project was to provide the existing infrastructure with Infrastructure as Code, making management easier and more transparent. Additionally, there was a need to make more use of Azure native services such as Azure Cache for Redis and CosmosDB.


The infrastructure has been fully set up with Infrastructure as Code in Azure - the cloud service of Microsoft. Azure service AKS (azure Kubernetes service) is the platform of choice for hosting the containerized software. The deployment of both the infrastructure and the applications is done within a CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) environment using Terraform and GitLab. This has given SURF control over both the Azure infrastructure and the process by which they deploy applications.

The transition to the cloud by Cloud Legends has led to:
  • Increased uptime by moving stateful workflows to dedicated services: Mongo, Postgres and Regis.
  • Increased security by using keyvaults for secrets.
  • Decreased false positives in monitoring by tuning prometheus and alert manager.


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