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With 17 years of experience in DevOps, Cloud Legends raises your IT infrastructure to a higher level. Your business will be able to respond quickly to fast changing customer needs.


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Creating a future-proof, reliable and secure infrastructure has the highest priority. Therefore, we keep a close eye on new technologies, and we are not afraid to use them when it benefits the end-result.

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Our Purpose

Reveal Your Genius is Cloud Legends’ higher purpose: it’s how we start the day and how we end it. Cloud Legends is better at dealing with complex (Cloud) infrastructures, DevOps and SRE challenges than anyone. Creating reliable, flexible and secure solutions and personal development, combined with the right work-life balance, are essential. This commitment and drive ensure we deliver an amazing result that all parties can be proud of.


Some of our best work


High Available K8s clusters on Azure


Migration Mijngastouderburo to AWS


Migration to AWS

Philips Hue

Lighting in the cloud


Being part of a bigger organisation

Cloud Legends is powered by Kabisa Software Artisans. We share the same DNA. That’s why Cloud Legends is able to see infrastructures as source code, which makes us truly unique.

Kabisa is a software specialist that does things differently. The team excels in a large range of disciplines, but shares a common mission. Kabisa creates business-critical web and mobile applications – high-end and complex, flexible and creative, always keeping the customers’ wishes in mind. The bar is set high, both internally and externally. Kabisa is hooked on the Scrum method, which helps get things done. Creating fantastic software is one part of that deal, but personal development and a good work-life balance just as much.

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Our Core Values

Cloud Legends – in a nutshell, genuine, healthy and driven.


Genuine interest in the client, the assignment and the team: that’s how Cloud Legends aims to deliver the best solutions to our customers – in a way that provides for all the customers’ needs in a long-term and sustainable way.


Health is of great value to Cloud Legends. Healthiness indirectly contributes to (personal) growth, knowledge and skills, job satisfaction, an optimal team spirit, and being the best employer, developer or customer contact.


Team Cloud Legends is highly ambitious and only delivers the best. We’d rather ask for forgiveness than wait for permission. If something doesn’t work out, or the answer to our suggestion is a resounding no, that doesn’t spell the end for the idea: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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    We are proud of

    For several years now, we have been able to distinguish ourselves with various ‘Best Employer’ Awards, a ‘Best Place to Work’ award, the FD Gazellen Award for fastest growing company & ISO certifications for information security & quality management.




    FD Gazellen 2022



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